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Lula is a tech-enabled maintenance platform that works with large property management companies to help streamline their maintenance by leveraging advanced technology to deliver better outcomes. Unlike other platforms, Lula has been designed to provide an amazing experience for maintenance contractors allowing them to get work done fast and paid even faster. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a large company with 30 people in your fleet, there are many reasons why joining the Lula Network is a good idea for your company.


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I’ve been able to add to my team with the volume of work/jobs that come through on a daily basis. If you’re good at what you do there’s plenty of money to be made. The Lula team is always there to handle anything you may need. Definitely recommend to all pros and all property management companies to use true professionals to handle any maintenance needs. 10 Stars – Charles D. with Dynamic

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I’ve been a vendor in this Lula app for years. This group continues to enhance the product and solution to best serve both their clients, as well as their vendors like me. Incredibly easy to use, upload data and job pics, and if you ever need to go back and review notes from a previous job, that option is there too. This will help you work smarter vs harder. Great solution! – Ryan B. with SNR