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How to Request a Service (Property Managers)

To request a service, click on the green button on the left that says “Request a Service.” If you have multiple managers using the dashboard, you will be prompted to select your name.

Next, you choose the service (or sub-service) you need and add a location. The form gathers a little bit of information about the property and the job (please include a unit number and access information if applicable).

If you have a digital lock or lockbox system, this is where you would enter the code. If you want the Lula Pro to contact the resident directly, then you can put their name/phone in the “Access Info” field. This information is stored securely and privately so only the Lula Pro can see it when they claim the job. When requesting, you can select a priority level (emergency, high, normal) for the job.

In the next step, you will be asked to choose a priority for the request.

Normal = within 48 hours
High = within 24 hours
Emergency = within 4 hours.

On this same page, you will be asked to enter any time constraints, job details, or pictures. If you require NTEs (Not to Exceed) on your properties, you will add those here as well. If you are unfamiliar, an NTE is a set amount that a manager sets for maintenance requests. For example, we have property managers who will add a $300 NTE to jobs, then require authorization for any repairs that will exceed that set price.

After you’ve provided all of the information, you are ready to send out your maintenance request!

You can check out your pending request in the “Job Requests” tab on the left-hand side. Once it’s claimed by a Lula Pro, it will move to the “Open Jobs” tab directly below. You will be able to keep up with the job status in this area.

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