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Will I ever need to quote a job?

All hourly jobs have an NTE, such as “Do not exceed $300,” which means you can move forward with repairs up to that amount. If a job is going to exceed an NTE then you will call our Lula Project Coordinators hotline to receive approval or other instructions. In most cases, we can get you immediate approval over the phone.

There may be cases where we can’t grant onsite approval. In those cases, you will be instructed to close the job and you will be compensated for your initial service call fee. We may ask that you provide a quote in the Lula app for the remainder of the work. You should only complete the work that is authorized on a work order. If there are additional items you notice while on the job or if the tenant informs you of additional items, please call Lula Project Coordinators for authorization. We ask that you please include all information in the service notes & photos when a job is closed.

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