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The Story Behind Lula

“Is it warm in here?”

That’s how it all started. It was a hot Friday afternoon and my wife and I were getting ready for her family to come visit for the weekend. That usually means a long list of chores for me to do, accompanied by a lot of forceful suggestions on how I could be doing them better. And although I would’ve liked to think the heat was caused by my hustling and bustling, it soon became apparent we had a much larger problem at hand. We, in fact, had a broken air conditioner. In a matter of hours, 6 guests would be arriving to stay the weekend, and here we were dripping with sweat. Have you spent a weekend with a sweating angry wife and her mother?

It was a disaster.

And it was only made worse by the difficulty I had in finding a local HVAC company that could come and help us immediately. Google was no help. Same with online directories and review sites. One call after another proved to be a waste of time as no one could commit to coming out until the next week. As the pressure mounted (you can imagine) to find a solution, I started getting desperate. I didn’t have time for phone calls, negotiating service fees, or trying to work around someone else’s schedule. I needed help NOW.

In the end, we got lucky. One of my good friends knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who could come help us right then and there. The weekend was saved. But that night, as my wife pointed out various ways I could’ve gotten the AC fixed AND finished more chores, I wondered what would’ve happened had my friend not answered his phone. There simply had to be an easier way to get home repairs when you need them.

And thus Lula was born…

Lula is a revolutionary mobile application that will quite simply change forever the way home owners get work done on their houses. Imagine being out of town, and with a few taps on your mobile phone, being able to have a qualified and vetted lawn care provider mowing your lawn within hours. Imagine being able to connect with an electrician, cleaning crew, plumber, or HVAC professional ready to fulfill your service needs in mere seconds without the hassle of searching on Google, sifting through reviews, or having to get recommendations from friends. That is the convenience of LULA. That is the future of home maintenance services.

Revolutionizing How Home-Owners Get Work Done

For consumers in today’s modern world, convenience is one of, if not the most important factor in purchasing decisions. Mobile technology and instant communication have transformed what is possible and expected in the customer’s eyes. Lula harnesses the power of advanced technology to deliver a custom platform for instantly connecting with available quality home maintenance professionals, on-demand.

  • 1800
    Bulletin Boards

    Cork bulletin boards are used to circulate information

  • 1878
    Phone Books

    First telephone directory with local business listed

  • 1996
    Online Directories

    Business directories first published online

  • 2004
    Lead Generation Platforms

    Lead generation platforms for businesses become popular

  • Today

    On-Demand Home Maintenance Technology with Predictive Pricing

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