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End-to-EndMake Ready Service

Lula’s make ready service for apartment communities eliminates frustration and the need for multiple vendors to complete a successful turn.

Our turnkey make ready solution

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Step 1 General Maintenance

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Step 2 Tub/Counter Resurface

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Step 3 Wall Repair

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Step 4 Paint

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Step 5 Flooring

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Step 6 Preventative Maintenance

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Step 7 Move-In Cleaning

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Step 1

General Maintenance

This is the stage of the process where we do all of the miscellaneous repairs needed after the initial inspection. Examples could be repairing a leak, repairing a garbage disposal, replacing a light fixture, replacing blinds, replacing doors, or other tasks. These tasks are considered on a unit-by-unit basis.

newly resurfaced bathtub

Step 2

Tub/Counter Resurface

Every rental unit should have a bathtub. Resurfacing the bathtub is an efficient way of adding that new-look sheen to a used tub. As long as it doesn’t need replacing, we resurface. Adding life to your bathrooms.

make-ready technician repairing drywall

Step 3

Wall Repair

Walls take a beating throughout a lease. Residents might hang pictures or decor, resulting in small holes in the wall. Removing anchors, patching holes, fixing cracks, and retexturing walls is a crucial part of every turn process. Our turn teams can handle any wall repair.

make-ready technician painting a wall

Step 4


Whether you’re wanting spot painting or a full new coat, we do it all to fit your needs and budget. Our painters have the apartment painting experience necessary to know how to get the job done right.

man with a mallet installing flooring

Step 5


After the walls are done, we move onto the floors. Carpet, linoleum, vinyl, hardwood, and tile are floor types that are commonly found in apartments.

During our inspection, we determine the condition of the flooring and let you decide what you want to do. Whatever condition it’s in, we will make sure it looks as good as new before the new resident moves in.

technician doing repairing HVAC

Step 6

Preventative Maintenance

This stage of the process is reserved for eliminating future problems and unnecessary expense. Our HVAC and Appliance professionals perform preventative maintenance on your HVAC systems and appliances.

Preventative measures include HVAC checks, air filter replacements, fridge filter replacements, appliance checks, smoke alarm battery replacements, and more.

woman cleaning a refrigerator

Step 7

Move-In Cleaning

The last step of our turn process is a move-in deep cleaning. Our cleaners go in and clean up any messes left over from the painting or repairs like we were never there. On top of that, they clean the bathrooms, floors, counters, cabinets, windows, and all the appliances. They clean the entire unit from top to bottom, so you can be confident when the new resident arrives.

Avg. # of Days our Clients Turn a Unit

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What’s the need?

What do property managers need the most out of a turn? To minimize turnover time, maximize efficiency, and decrease costs.

Lula has created an answer to all of these things, by creating a service solely dedicated to make-readies.

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Request Free Make Ready Inspections with a Few Clicks

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Lula Completes Turn (2-3 Days)

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Lula’s communication itself is amazing! I get updates on the status of our work orders and make-readies through SMS and email without having to ask. They are always honest when it comes to what needs to be done. If they tell me something needs to be replaced rather than repaired I trust that they are being sincere about it and not just trying to up the final bid for the work.

Taylor Norris

Taylor NorrisProperty Manager, Asset Management Group

We started working with Lula about a year ago and have been very happy with the response times, professionalism, and follow up. They have made it easy to submit maintenance requests and are great at keeping us informed so we can keep our owners informed. We will definitely continue using their services and would recommend them to other PM companies!

leslie morris headshot

Leslie CourtneyKey Partners Property Management

I have been using Lula to turn units at some of our communities. They do a fantastic job and are always punctual and offer competitive rates. Having the ability for them to return a unit back to us rent-ready is amazing as it alleviates me juggling multiple vendors to complete a successful turn. We also use them for overflow maintenance to stay on top of the never ending maintenance requests. The small number of go-backs has been prompt and handled with 100% satisfaction. Our team as well as our residents love Lula.

dan headshot

Dan RainsWorcester Regional Maintenance Supervisor

The work was a home run. I went through the property earlier today and wow, just wow. You and your team found the old house that was hiding under years of neglect. Thank you so much and please pass along my sincere thanks to everyone that worked on it. It looks fantastic.

michael headshot

Michael DuffTruog Real Estate

Save money. Save time. Save effort.

Lula’s make ready team can handle all of your turnovers.

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Why Use Lula for a Make Ready?

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One Quote for Entire Make Ready

Rather than scheduling 3-5 different vendors for one unit, Lula gives you a quote for the ENTIRE JOB. From start to finish you only work with Lula, and Lula does the rest.

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Quick Turnaround

With teams dedicated solely to make ready service, you can get your turn finished QUICKER. The standard turn is complete within 72 hours.

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Complete Transparency

With Lula’s technology, you gain complete transparency into the entire life of the make-ready on your phone or computer. This gives insight into everything that was done before the tenant moved in.

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Preventative Maintenance

Along with routine turnover maintenance, Lula adds kitchen appliance and HVAC preventative maintenance to save you money on future repairs.

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Lula’s Guarantee

Every make ready is guaranteed. If any issues comes up related to the initial scope and inspection of the turn, we will send someone out the same-day for free.

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Lula Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our work. If any of the work performed within the identified scope does not meet our agreed-upon standards, simply let us know and we’ll come back out and fix it. All professional service work related to HVAC preventative maintenance, replacement work, or plumbing services is under warranty for thirty days following completion. If you ever have an issue, just reach out to Lula Customer Service for further assistance.

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