23 April 2018

Guide to Lawn Care Basics | 2018

Countless Americans take a considerable amount of pride in the appearance of their lawn. Green grass accents a home in a way that cannot be described. The picture-perfect yard doesn’t come without a little bit of work. In order to have that magazine cover lawn that makes all of your neighbors jealous, you’ll need to […]

6 April 2018

What Can a Handyman Do?

It has been nearly twenty years since America’s favorite handyman left the small screen. Tim “The Toolman” Taylor was a DIY pioneer that captured the hearts of many. He was a “do it all” type of guy, even when he couldn’t really do it all. Handymen are often overlooked in the tradesmen industry. The term […]

28 February 2018

The Art of Carpet Cleaning

Imagine this: you’re in high school, it’s early on a Saturday morning, and you’re trying to sleep. Suddenly you hear a door slamming; it happens to be the closet in the hall. You realize what’s happening. Your mom is about to vacuum. **REdfjrisjiehr!!!** Or however you spell the sound a vacuum makes. “MOM,” you yell. […]

5 February 2018

The Homeowner’s Guide to Bathroom Exhaust Fans

For decades, people have been talking about the “bones” of a house, but nobody ever talks about the organs of a house. No, I don’t mean the piano that your grandma played at church. I mean the parts of a house that help it function properly. The components that run without us having to think […]

28 December 2017

Winter Allergies and Your Home’s Air

Many people consider the winter to be the offseason for allergies. This is assumed because the pollen count in the air is considerably lower in the winter than it is during the spring and summer months. Truth is, allergens never take a break. Indoor allergens can survive year-round, and can settle if careful action is […]

30 November 2017

10 Best TV Wall Mounts for 2018

When it comes to mounting a TV, many people don’t know where to start. Either they think that setting up a TV wall mount will be too difficult, or they don’t even know which one to buy. There is a wide range of options on the market, and most people don’t want to go through […]

16 November 2016

41 Home Maintenance Tips: Save Your House

If you find yourself making constant repairs around the house, or worrying whether your home’s ready for the winter, then this is the guide for you.This guide includes general house maintenance tips that could save your roof, foundations, and other vital parts of your home.As well as the high priority tasks, there are a lot […]