You set your own pricing in the Lula dashboard. On hourly jobs, you will receive payment for your 1st hour as long as some work is completed. After the 1st hour, we pay the pro-rated amount, based on the service pricing you submitted, for the length of time spent on a job, parts, etc. If you arrive on a property and only provide a quote (without performing repairs), you will be paid a “diagnosis fee”. This will only apply for certain trades that require a license (plumbing, hvac, electrical, etc).

Also, if you were paid a diagnosis fee for a quote, that will be deducted from the approved quote so keep that in mind when you are putting estimates together.

***Starting on April 1st, 2024, our fee structure will be changing. The job fee will now be 12% for hourly and quote jobs. You can see this reflected on the fee structure page.

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