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Lula is an on-demand maintenance and make-ready solution for residential property managers. With 24/7 scheduling and fully-vetted vendors, Lula guarantees to make your job easier. We are offering Lula’s platform at no cost for NARPM members.

Rental Property Maintenance

Works with Your Existing Property Management Software

Why Customers Love Lula

Your tenants will experience a streamlined maintenance process like never before. Lula contacts the tenant and handles
the entire scheduling and coordination process within 10 minutes of receiving a work order. Reduce your time spent on
maintenance by 60%, and improve your tenant experience.

What our customers say

What Our Customers Say

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Lula Customer

Benefits of Using Lula

High-Quality Vendor Network

Lula has a vast network of pre-qualified vendors that have been fully-vetted to ensure quality work. Property managers can utilize this network when submitting work orders to Lula and all work comes with Lula’s 30-day guarantee!

Lula Handles 24/7 Scheduling

When property managers submit a work order, the tenant receives a text message from Lula within minutes, requesting their availability. Once we hear back, our system automatically sends out this scheduled work order to Lula approved contractors in that area.

Most Affordable, Available Pros

Since Lula allows vendors to define their own pricing, the work orders send to the most affordable pros first. This guarantees that each work order is getting scheduled with the cheapest available Pro possible.

Real-Time Job Visibility

The dashboard gives managers full insight into the maintenance going on at their properties, throughout the life of each job. With real-time updates, you’ll never be guessing what the status is with work orders you have with Lula.


Decreased Wasted Time


Improved Tenant Satisfaction


30-Day Guarantee on Work

Wide Range of Services






House Cleaning

Lawn Care

Carpet Cleaning

Pest Control



Preventative Maintenance


Junk Removal


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