What is TurboTenant?

A one-stop shop for self-managing landlords. The property management software was designed specifically for those managing their own properties. You can utilize the simple platform for marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance, documents, and more.

Lula x TurboTenant

The partnership between our two systems has created a way for everyone to feel the relief of fully managed maintenance. With the integration, landlords get:

  • Access to a network of vetted, reliable Pros
  • 24/7 maintenance coordination services
  • Work order troubleshooting to avoid wasted trips

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How automated maintenance works

TurboTenant landlords that opt-in to Maintenance Plus will instantly experience a new way of maintaining properties. From small repairs to major emergencies, set maintenance requests to autopilot with Maintenance Plus. Send only a few or all work orders to TurboTenant – you’re always in control.

  • 1You or your tenant submit a maintenance request in TurboTenant.
  • 2Lula troubleshoots the issue with your tenant via text.
  • 3If a Pro is needed, we’ll schedule the service with your tenant to resolve the issue.
  • 4If the work required exceeds your set spending limit, we will reach out to you for approval before moving forward.
  • 5Once the work is completed, we’ll review the Pro’s notes and photos to assure quality and pricing fairness.
  • 6You’ll get before & after photos, service notes, and the invoice directly in TurboTenant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to sign up for TurboTenant to work with Lula?

    Not necessarily. However, Lula has a 50-door minimum for current clients. The only way to work with Lula with fewer than 50 doors is through a partnership like TurboTenant!

  • What if I only have a couple of units?

    Most of TurboTenant’s users have between 1-50 units. If you fall in that bucket, TurboTenant is the perfect solution for you!

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