When it comes to mounting a TV, many people don’t know where to start. Either they think that setting up a TV wall mount will be too difficult, or they don’t even know which one to buy. There is a wide range of options on the market, and most people don’t want to go through the hassle. We realize how daunting finding the right TV wall mount can be, so we decided to do the research for you.

Although this guide was written with 2018 in mind, most of these are still some of the best tv wall mounts in 2019.

With all of the different TV brands these days, it is hard to know which TV mount would be the best. Your TV was an investment, and you want to protect that investment. On top of securing your TV, a TV wall mount can free up space, and improve the overall design of your room (especially in smaller living rooms).

There are three basic types of wall mounts: the fixed wall mount, tilting wall mount, and full motion wall mount. Each mount serves a specific purpose and can improve the overall viewing experience.

tv mounted in a living room

To come up with this list, we created a formula that compared all of the top selling mounts on Amazon and ranked them in terms of price and quality. We also made sure that all of these TV mounts are VESA compliant and easy to install yourself. VESA is basically a set of standards for TVs and monitors. It regulates the size and placement of screw holes that are necessary for mounting a TV.

There are many different TV wall mounts on the market. All of which are claiming to be the best. This article is intended to narrow down your search and make it easier for you. We are going to outline the top 3 mounts in each of the 3 categories.



Best Fixed Wall Mount

fixed wall mount in a living room

Fixed wall mounts (also called low profile mounts) are typically used in rooms where the TV can be positioned at a fixed height within the best viewing range. The fixed mount attaches nearly flush to the wall. It cannot be adjusted, but provides a clean look. This is the cheapest type of wall mount. If you tend to stay in one place and rarely rearrange, this is the suggested type of wall mount. Here are the 3 best fixed wall mounts:

mount_it low profile tv wall mount

3. Mount It!

The Mount It! fixed wall mount fits most 42-70″ TVs that are on the market. It is made from reinforced steel and can hold up to 220 pounds. It is compatible with most of the major TV brands and very easy to install. It comes with an installation guide and the necessary screws to mount your TV. This is the most expensive fixed TV wall mount on our list, but a price of $34.99 still won’t break the bank.

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videosecu low profile mount

2. VideoSecu

The VideoSecu wall mount is the most reviewed in the fixed wall mount category. It also happens to be the cheapest. For $19.98, there is not a lot of risk with this mount. It is capable of holding up to 165 lbs. and supports all of the VESA mounting patterns. It is a great mount at an affordable price.

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echogear tv mount

1. Echogear

The Echogear fixed wall mount takes the top spot in this category. This TV mount has the highest rating out of the fixed wall mounts. The low-profile design combines with the super-easy installation to make this the best fixed mount available. It can be installed in under 30 minutes. It is capable of mounting 32-80″ TVs and holds up to 150 lbs. A major issue with the fixed wall mounts is the inability to access the cables on the back of the TV. The pull cords on this mount make it easy to access the cords on the back of your TV without having to take it down. For a price of $29.99, this Echogear fixed mount is the best value you will find.

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Best Tilting Wall Mount

Tilting wall mounts are reliable and secure. They allow vertical tilting so it can be mounted higher and still point down to provide excellent visibility. The amount of tilt varies by model, but they can typically tilt between 5º and 15º at the touch of a finger. Another benefit of the tilting mount is the ability to reduce light glare. Tilting wall mounts are generally recommended for TVs that are going to be mounted higher up on a wall. Here are the 3 best tilting TV wall mounts:

tilted wall mount

cheetah wall mount

3. Cheetah

The Cheetah APTMM2B has over 15,000 reviews on Amazon. It is a durable mount with a relatively low price point at $24.96. It supports all of the major TV brands and holds up to 165 lbs. From the fixed position, it can tilt up to 10º. This mount is the 2nd best seller on Amazon and happens to have a lifetime guarantee. With all of that, they throw in an HDMI cord. This mount provides great value and is highly tested.

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sanus tilting wall mount

2. Sanus

The Sanus TV wall mount is extremely durable and easy to install. It comes pre-assembled so installation is simple. This mount provides up to 15º of tilt with only the touch of a finger. It fits sizes of 37-80″ and holds up to 130 pounds. Sanus is the most expensive tilting mount, sitting at a price of $67.00. Despite it being more expensive, Sanus is one of the most recognizable TV mount brands.

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Videosecu tilting wall mount

1. VideoSecu

The VideoSecu tilting mount wins gold in this category. In our opinion, this TV wall mount is the best tilting TV mount on Amazon. It has almost 6,000 reviews, and 74% of those are 5-star ratings. While 90% of them are 4 stars or higher. It is low-profile in appearance and tilts up to 15º at the touch of a finger. The dual steel frames allow it to hold up to 165 lbs. It is compliant with all of the VESA standards, and most major TV brands. There are two different options for this mount. One is $22.99 and is capable of mounting up to 75″, while the other is $39.99 and holds up to 80″. It also comes with a 10′ HDMI cable and a magnetic bubble level to make installation a breeze. We highly recommend this mount if you think that a tilting TV wall mount is right for you.

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Best Full Motion Mount

Full motion TV wall mounts (also called articulating mounts) are the most versatile mounts on the market. They are typically attached to a swingarm and can move in every direction. They are capable of tilting up and down, swinging side to side, or even extending away from your wall. They tilt up to 15º, swivel up to 150º (on smaller TVs), and some even extend over 20″. With a full-motion mount, you are getting the most out of your TV. You are able to make sure you have the best viewing angle, no matter where you are in your room. It opens up space and a variety of opportunities for the interior design. These are also the best option if you are planning to mount a TV in a corner. Although it is the most expensive of the mount categories, we believe the full motion mount is the most practical. With that being said, here are our 3 best full motion mounts:

full motion tv mount

videosecu articulating tv mount

3. VideoSecu MW380B3

The VideoSecu full motion mount has the most reviews of ANY TV mount that we reviewed; across all categories. With over 20,000 reviews, this mount has proven to work well for many people. This TV wall mount is capable of extending your TV 16″ away from the wall. It can tilt vertically up to 15º and swivel horizontally up to 160º. The knock on this mount is that it mostly fits TVs that are 37-60″, and only some models up to 70″. With a price of $69.99, this mount is a great option.

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mount it tv wall mount

2. Mount It! MI310B

This full motion mount is one of the strongest TV mounts on Amazon. With reinforced steel, it can hold up to 175 lbs. Due to the strength of this model, you are less likely to see the sagging that often happens over time with full-motion mounts. The Mount-It! MI310B is the cheapest full motion mount that we reviewed. A price of $54.99 has this mount beating out all of the competitors. They offer a long-lasting product at an affordable price. It is compatible with most of the VESA sizes, but can only hold TVs up to 60″. Which can be a problem for many customers. It can extend up to 20.3″ away from the wall, with a 15º tilt capability and a 45º swivel capability.

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echogear full motion tv wall mount

1. Echogear

Echogear is not only our highest rated full motion mount but our highest rated mount overall. This is the most versatile mount on the market. This universal TV mount can hold 37″-70″ TVs at a weight of 132 lbs. While that weight point may be smaller than the previous two mounts, this company claims that it has been tested to hold up to four times as much as its weight rating recommends, making this one mighty mount. They even have an extra large version for TVs larger than 70″. This Echogear mount is capable of tilting 5º up and 15º down, swiveling up to 150º, and extending up to 16″. Not only is this mount great for extending, it can sit as close as 2.6″ away from the wall. This gives you the option to keep it low-profile. This mount supports the widest range of VESA sizes and TV sizes, without sacrificing performance. A price of $79.99 makes this the most expensive mount on our list, but the quality makes it worth it.

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Best wall mount for a curved TV

Mounting a curved TV has become a problem for many people. Anyone who owns a curved TV knows just how expensive they are. Placing that TV high up on a wall is usually not a friendly thought. That’s why we researched what the best mount for a curved TV is.

With curved TVs, there is something called a “sweet spot”. In order to be in the sweet spot, you have to be sitting almost directly in the center of the TV. That’s where you will get the best view and picture. That doesn’t give a person many options in terms of seating in a room.

Sanus VLC1-B1 Swivel Mount

The best curved TV mount that we found was the Sanus VLC1-B1 Swivel Mount. In order to get the most out of your curved TV, it should stay at a fixed height, but be able to swivel horizontally up to 10º. This will give you the widest range of “sweet spot” seating. It has been tested on TVs that are 40-88″, and up to 150 lbs. This mount is priced at $179.99. That may seem like a steep price, but it is well worth it if you plan to get the most out your investment.

Buyers beware: not all curved TVs can be mounted. They are just built differently than the normal flat screen TV. That being said, Sanus has a full list of compatible TVs on their website.

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We recommend that you measure the screw holes on the back of your TV and determine which VESA hole mount pattern your TV is compatible with. That way you can be sure that the mount you order will fit your TV.

Another recommendation we have is to be aware where the cords and ports are on the back of your TV. Some of the mounts have larger plates that may block ports on certain TV models.

Lastly, we wanted to let you in on the biggest complaint about the mounts on Amazon. If you scroll through the reviews (which we did), you will find that most of the complaints are similar. People tend to receive the wrong size screws for their TV. Due to the volume of different TV models/brands/sizes, you might not get the perfect sized screw. So be aware of that as you are shopping. Check the item description to double check that your TV brand is compatible. While most of the major brands are compatible, it is worth it to be sure.

There you have it, the definitive guide to buying a TV wall mount. We hope that we made the decision process an easy one.