I wrote this entire guide to renting with my readers in mind. I wanted to create the most up-to-date, comprehensive guide to renting on the internet. I have lived in a lot of different rentals in my adult life. I got tired of little things that make renting and moving so stressful. To be honest, my first 5-6 moves were all disorganized messes that were harder than they needed to be. My goal in writing this was to create a framework for renting that would serve more as a pain-free checklist that helps you get from A to B without the unnecessary problems.

No guide can be completely comprehensive.. Especially in an area as subjective as renting and moving. Every single circumstance is different. One person might be moving across the country, whereas another person might be moving across the park (true story). One situation might involve a family of seven, whereas another situation might only involve one person. One family might have a dog, while the other doesn’t have any pets.

The variables are so inconsistent that creating a guide that perfectly fits into every situation is impossible. Instead, I set out to give you a full walkthrough of the renting and moving process.

With all of the services Lula offers, you can make your move flawless all from one app. Think of it like online shopping, but for home services.

Junk RemovalJunk Removal

moving truck graphic

As you begin to pack, you’ll start creating a pile of stuff that either needs to be donated or taken to the dump. You have that old couch that you don’t know what to do with and an assortment of other miscellaneous items that you no longer need. Lula is a great way to let go of your old stuff without the work. You can schedule a junk removal or donation from an app in just a couple of minutes.


handyman in a blue shirt

If you have some last-minute fixes you need to take care of, Lula has the handymen.

Fixing all of those little nail holes from old paintings? Check

Need your TV mounted in your new place? Check

Need your walls painted? Check

With Lula, you can order services by the hour. Schedule a handyman, enter your to-do list, then let them go to work. The professional handymen can take care of your entire to-do list with you only having to lift a finger to schedule.

House CleaningHouse Cleaning

house cleaner cleaning a toilet

Need to make sure you get that deposit back? Did the old tenants leave it dirtier than you expected? Lula offers move out and move in cleaning from professional house cleaners in your area. Select what you need to be done with our a-la-carte menu that lets you pick and choose. The last thing you want to do after you move is to go back to your old place and do a deep clean.


movers moving a white couch

Expect the ability to schedule on-demand movers in the second half of 2019. You will be able to schedule people with trucks to come to help you haul all of your stuff to your new place.

Carpet CleaningCarpet Cleaning

carpet cleaner cleaning a tan carpet

Another service that we expect to be available in 2019, carpet cleaning! Dirty carpets are inevitable, but you can get all of your carpets cleaned on demand with Lula. Some rentals cover carpet cleaning at the end of a term, but double check your lease to make sure you aren’t responsible. If they decide that the carpets are too worn or too far gone, you could be on the hook for an expensive replacement.

HVACHVAC, Electricians, and Plumbers

If you are renting, hopefully, you aren’t responsible for the HVAC system, electrical, or plumbing work. If you are, you can schedule professionals by the hour to come to investigate and solve your problems. The repairs and maintenance that are handled by the tenant vary from unit to unit. For example, my latest rental property covered HVAC and electrical, but I was responsible for any plumbing issues that arose after the lease began. You can expect to see this service by early 2020.

hallway with hardwood floors

Lawn CareLawn Care

lawn mower cutting grass

When you are getting ready to move, you might want to have your lawn taken care of one more time. Rather than doing it yourself, just schedule someone to come do it on-demand using our lawn care service. Local professionals will come as soon as the same day to clean up your yard before moving.

Have you ever thought about just throwing your hands up in the air and giving up on the move? If that’s you, let Lula ease some of that stress. With Lula, you can create a shopping cart based on your moving to-do list. Get things cleaned, fixed, or moved all in a few minutes. With our up-front or hourly prices, you can get the help you need.

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