First off, thanks for completing a job! Lula doesn’t work without you, so we thank you.

You’re here because you feel as though you have been paid the wrong amount. If you think you have been paid less than you expected, please consider these things first:

1) The background check fee: If this was your first job, there will automatically be $35 deducted from your payout to account for the amount we paid for your background check. This is a one-time fee and you will not see it on future jobs (unless you run background checks on multiple employees).

2) Lula fees: At the end of a completed job, we take a small flat fee. Don’t forget, you don’t pay anything to receive these jobs. We aren’t a lead generator, we are sending you REAL jobs!

If you’ve gone ahead and calculated your payout after those fees and you still feel it is wrong, please email They can dive deeper into your request for you.

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