Here’s a list of various fees that you may encounter while working for Lula. Update: Starting on April 1st, 2024, our fee structure will be changing. Our fees will be a consistent 12% across the board.

Fees for Completed Jobs

Hourly/Flat-Priced Jobs Approved Quotes
Fee Percentage 12% 12%
Description On all jobs that are successfully completed, Lula receives 12% of the final payout amount. We don’t charge anything to be part of the platform, so this is how we keep the lights on.

Trip and Diagnosis Fees

Trip Fee Licensed Diagnosis Fee Appliance Diagnosis Fee
Payout Amount $50 $75 $75 for the first appliance, $45 for second
Description If a resident misses an appointment or you are unable to get into a property for any reason, we will pay a trip fee. You are required to make a reasonable attempt to gain access to the property. Should call Lula and take a picture of the front door before leaving to get payment. If you arrive at the property on an hourly job and submit a quote without doing work, you will be paid a diagnosis fee based on the service you offer. If no work is performed, then you will receive the diagnosis fee. Keep in mind that diagnosis fees are deducted from the quote if is approved. When an appliance technicians takes an appliance apart to diagnose the repair, we will pay $75 for the first appliance and $45 for any additional appliance.

Additional Fees

Background Check Fee No-Show/Same-Day Cancellation Fee
Fee Amount $35 $35
Description This is a one-time fee that applies to every user that completes a background check. This will be removed from the first job payout. This fee is assessed if an appointment is canceled or no-showed without communication. These fees will be assessed to future payouts.
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