Starting on April 1st, 2024, we will have a consistent fee structure. We moved to a 12% fee for all hourly and quoted jobs (previously 15% for hourly and 7% for quotes). The 12% is a lot easier for Lula and our Pros to project financials on each job.

What does this mean for you?

Consistent Fees: Many of you shared that our current fee structure creates confusion. The new structure will mean fees for hourly and quoted jobs are both 12%. With the changes, every single job will have the same fee, making it easier to project and plan.

Lower Hourly Fees: The majority of the jobs that come through Lula are hourly jobs, meaning Pros will be earning 3% more on those completed jobs.

Flat-Price Program: Over the last few months, we have been piloting a new flat-price program for equipment replacements for certain areas and services. The pricing on these will not change.

Previous Quotes: Any job that was quoted before 4/1 will have not change and will remain 7%.

**Jobs dated before 4/1/24 will keep the previous fees as well.

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