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What if I have employees? Can I claim a job and assign it to someone on my team?

Yes, we have a fleet management function. You will be set up as the Fleet Manager. You can assign additional Fleet Managers / Coordinators or assign your staff as Fleet Users. The Fleet Users will only see the scope of the work and location for jobs you assign to them, but never the pricing. The Fleet Managers/ Coordinators will see all the details of a job including the pricing.

Fleet Manager

A fleet manager role will be allowed to receive all job requests through our desktop or mobile device applications. The fleet manager can claim a job and assign to a field coordinator, fleet user, or even themselves. A fleet manager has complete access to everything. A fleet manager can monitor jobs they assign to a field coordinator or fleet user.

Fleet Coordinator

A field coordinator will be able to use the provider mobile app and can be sent assigned jobs from the fleet manager. The field coordinator can then then perform the job themselves or reassign the job to a fleet user. A field coordinator will not be able to see incoming job requests other than the jobs assigned to them from the fleet manager. A field coordinator can monitor jobs they assign to a fleet user

Fleet User

A fleet user has the most limited features of all provider types. A fleet user can be assigned a job directly from the fleet manager or be assigned a job from the field coordinator. A fleet user can only perform the jobs they are assigned and can’t to reassign a job to anyone else. A fleet user will not be able to view incoming job requests from customers, but rather only perform jobs assigned to them from the fleet manager or field coordinator.

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